The “Great Boxing Hope” of Apologetics


The real problem is that when we feel that Christian advocacy is all up to us, we lay on ourselves the impossible burden of being the “great boxing hope” who is expected to knock out of the ring all comers. We are expected to be the fearless David who ventures out to slay all Goliaths, the intrepid Elijah who exposes all false prophets, and the confident Luther who vouches for the truth with ringing convictions before all the powers of the day.

To be sure, David did slay Goliath, Elijah did triumph over the prophets of Baal, Hezekiah and his tiny kingdom were delivered from the armies of the greatest empire of his day, and Luther did prevail against the princes and prelates of his day. But faith in God is true because it is true — not because we, or David, Elijah, and Luther defend it successfully. If the Christian faith is true, it is true even is no one believes it, and if it is not true, it is false even if everyone believes it. The truth of the faith does not stand and fall with our defense of it.

— Os Guinness, Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion(Downer’s Grove, 2015), pages 57–58.


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