His Help


The longer you live the life of faith, the more aware you have become of your need for grace. More grace. Grace to believe, fight, resist, act, and love. Jesus promises to be your help, but his help comes to those who come to him.

It is tempting to look at what lies ahead of you, what seems impossible, and to conclude with a shrug of your shoulders that God will either help or he won’t, without bothering to seek his help. But he gives help to those who hold out their hands in faith. He grants wisdom to those who ask. He gives strength to those who ask. His grace, in unending measure, is available to you. Why don’t you ask?

Perhaps it is because you are not looking to God when you are facing your tribulations. It’s not enough to see your problem and recognize that you need help. You must not only see the danger before you (or the weakness inside you) — you must also see the Lord enthroned in grace. Then you will be moved to seek what only the Lord can provide. When your heart begins to fill with anxiety, anger, or bitterness, it is grace you need to seek.

Jesus can sympathize with you in your weakness because he knows your heart and has gone through temptation and affliction himself. And the help you receive is not from one who has learned from failure, but from victory. Jesus has been where you are, but he walked in perfect righteousness and is able to help you walk in his ways.

Draw near to the Lord by faith. Set your heart on his promises and ask for his divine assistance. You will be supplied with abundant grace in your time of need.

Joe Thorn, Experiencing the Trinity (Wheaton, 2015), pages 72–73 (iBooks).


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