Around the Web: How Negativity Refines Us (For the Church)


Most of us are familiar with the dangerous teachings of the “prosperity gospel.” It’s a sect of teaching, guised under a whole host of tactics, that undercuts the beauty of the true gospel message of the Bible and distorts it by setting our ultimate sights on health, wealth, and a prosperous life. Not all prosperity gospels are created equal. Some of these teachers emphasize riches in their ministry, equating Godliness with net worth and “stuff.” Others place importance on living a happy, full “best life now,” a personal character development program that misses the redemption and restoration of the true gospel. Some underemphasize grace, while others overemphasize it. Some never talk about sin, while others call you sinful for not sending a certain amount of money to them. The prosperity gospel leaks everywhere, and rears its ugly head in multiple directions.

But there is a more subtle, muted message that grows out of this kind of teaching. It’s a line of thinking that, surprisingly, has little to do with bank accounts or chintzy social media hashtags. (Read more at For The Church)


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