Avoiding Gnosticism in Calvinism

4 thoughts on “Avoiding Gnosticism in Calvinism”

  1. I earned two master’s degrees at a reformed seminary (RTS, Jackson, MS, in its early years, 1979-1983) and am grateful to find your site, as my cousin, an erudite and self/proclaimed “spiritual person” (who is cult-prone), is currently entranced by the Gnostic Gospels, and I needed a review on that particular heresy. Excellent work on that, as well as the refresher on Bainton’s biography of Luther, which stands out through the decades as one of the best (and certainly one if the most profound and funniest) books I’ve ever read. Thank you. I hope I don’t forget or lose your site!

  2. I agree that Calvinism has an air of agnosticism and arrogance because of the “knowledge” they claim to have. Great post…you gave me something to think about.

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