My Most-Read Articles From 2016

In 2016 I’ve had the privilege of writing for a lot of places besides my own personal blog. I’ve been grateful to the various sites who have hosted my work, and most importantly, grateful to you dear readers who have encouraged me, supported me, shared me, and engaged with my work throughout the year. It’s been a joy!

In the same vein of all the end-of-the-year lists cropping up online, I thought it would be fun to share eight of my most popular articles from this past year at my blog and across the Web. Read, share, comment, debate, engage, enjoy!


Where Females Should Lead
I want to take a brief moment to explain not only what makes women good leaders, but more importantly, why we, as males, need female leadership.

When Worship+Doctrine Don’t Seem to Mesh
before I knew it, multiple bands were adopting the same kind of worship model. The music was top-notch, even the lyrics were great, but they were associated with churches I fundamentally disagreed with on doctrine…How do I think about the reconciliation of these two seemingly polar opposites, especially when the two parties are actually one unit in essence?

The Not-So-Gospel of Ali
Islam says with the Roman soldiers, “Save yourself, and come down from the cross!” (Mk. 15:30). It is a futile exercise. It is bad news for sinners. The true gospel, the gospel of Christ, has brought something radically different to the table.

For the Church

2 Words That Kill Effective Bible Study
“’To you’ seems like an innocent way to invite everyone’s voice to the table for discussion, but I contend that it’s a surefire way to kill effective Bible study..”

What the Preacher Thinks of the Worship Leader
“I noticed a correlation between the worship pastor and the teaching pastor that I will never forget. I learned that there is arguably no one more important to the preacher on Sunday morning than the worship leader, for a few reasons.”

“It is my belief that the six-volume edition of the ESV Reader’s Bible will stir your affections for the glory and worship of God by reading His Word…From design to vision, I think Crossway’s work with this project will benefit Christians of every kind.”

The Real Victims of Pornography
Porn’s key victim is men. That’s the message of the culture, and the message of the Church. But what about the woman?”

Christianity Today


7 Pulpit Alternatives for the Desperate Church Planter
When your sanctuary comes from a storage trailer, sometimes you need to get creative…If there is anything we church planters are known for, though, it’s innovation. We make do. We get by. We improvise. And when we’re short on pulpits, we find alternatives. With that in mind, here is a list of options for church plants and planters seeking a substitute for a typical pulpit:”


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