Encountering God Through Expository Preaching (Book Review)

It was not the beginning of the book, or the end of the book, that stopped me in my tracks, but the middle. Jim Scott Orrick, one of the writers of Encountering God Through Expository Preaching, tells a quick story of surveying audiences about what mode helped lead them to Christ: "How many of you… Continue reading Encountering God Through Expository Preaching (Book Review)


As You Go (Book Review)

I recently sat down one on one with a handful of pastors, serving in various ministry contexts, to have the proverbial kitchen sink thrown at me when it comes to student ministry. What is it? What works, and what doesn't? What do I need to know? What would they do with what they know now?… Continue reading As You Go (Book Review)

How Does Sanctification Work? (Book Review)

To try and succinctly describe what it means to live the Christian life in a few words is an impossible task. It's nearly just as impossible in only one hundred words. Most people would struggle to do so, in all reality, in only one hundred pages. That's because Christian growth is a tricky thing —… Continue reading How Does Sanctification Work? (Book Review)

Recapturing the Wonder (Book Review)

If we read enough, we are fortunate to find very few books that expound on problems we don't often experience ourselves, and offer advice we are already taking. Then there are many books that we draw wisdom from, though it is specially applied to our own context and situation; while we see the author's point… Continue reading Recapturing the Wonder (Book Review)

The Tech-Wise Family (Book Review)

As a new Student Pastor, one of the first things I've gotten the chance to do is visit the local schools and see some of the kids during their lunch period. I spent a lot of time observing the students, trying to pay attention to how, and why, they do what they do today. As I… Continue reading The Tech-Wise Family (Book Review)

A New Standard: A Review of the Christian Standard Bible

If you're like me, you already have a handful of Bibles with different translations on your desk or shelf or at the office. We've all got a KJV laying around somewhere, but we also have our ESV's, NIV's, NASB's, and not to mention the dozens more translations available on our Bible apps. So, why another translation? Haven't we… Continue reading A New Standard: A Review of the Christian Standard Bible

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You (Book Review)

Just over ten years before this writing, the iPhone was announced to the world. No one knew at the time what such technology meant. It all seemed a little silly to me. I remember some of the reviews of the original iPhone. “It doesn’t show much promise.” “I don’t understand why tapping on a screen… Continue reading 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You (Book Review)

10 Magnificent Quotes From “When Breath Becomes Air”

Last year, a book called When Breath Becomes Air was released to the world for reading. It's the kind of book that, on the surface, you wouldn't think would end up being discussed on this kind of blog. The book is the memoir and story of Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon ten years in the making… Continue reading 10 Magnificent Quotes From “When Breath Becomes Air”

Obama, Faith, and Hope (Book Review)

(The following is a book review for Michael R. Wear's book, "Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America," provided by BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review." "Obama." The name itself is one of the most polarizing names of all. When some hear "Obama," progress, change, and hope come to… Continue reading Obama, Faith, and Hope (Book Review)