Beating the Prayer Bluff

“I’ll be praying for you” has become nothing more than a religious platitude.


Predators Hockey, and The Church

Even the God-less need a house of worship. Tennesseeans will gather for Preds games, and atheists will plan a Sunday morning service, because in our core we all feel the twinge to belong.

Write Out the Gospel

There is a question that is normally a part of the application process of ministry positions: "Give us a clear and concise definition of the gospel in your own words." It could be, however, that unless you have applied for a position in ministry, you may have never actually done this before. I have been a... Continue Reading →

Embracing Mess

“Please excuse the mess.” We have all heard it. We have all said it. Hannah and I make plans for dinner at 6:00 with a couple we have not spent much time with before. We are both off of work and speed-walking from the garage into the house with thirty minutes left before our guests will... Continue Reading →

Help in Unbelief

You may not readily admit it, but you've been there with me. The ever-irksome foe named Doubt darkens your door of faith, casting a shadow over everything you have believed for much of your life. Paralyzed by the fear of what this might do to your relationship with God, and to top it off, your reputation with those... Continue Reading →

Labouring in Forbearance

I am not the guy to write this article. One of the pastors I follow on Twitter tweets out a link, endorsing an article written by a women whose theological views are fairly out of line with Scripture. I grow frustrated. "Why does her platform keep growing? And why is he spreading this nonsense?" Eyeroll. I'm driving... Continue Reading →

Fear and Sky

Do you remember being enraptured by the wonder of the sky long ago? I don't remember the details, but I remember the moments. Parting the shoes and clothes occupying my closet to get to its deepest corners, I pulled out that shiny red telescope like it was Excalibur. It was my instrument for awe. I scurried down the hallway... Continue Reading →

Weathering the Storm

As I sit at my desk and write this, looking out at the cold rain outside, I am reminded of the unraveling (in every sense of the word) election year. I make the correlation because they are similar in nature, evoking the same feelings. “It looks awfully dreary out there.” The election year is, in... Continue Reading →

What Would Paul Do?

Remember those famous nylon acrostic bracelets we all sported back in the 90s? The motivation for wearing them was simple: It was to remind us to be mindful, through our daily decisions, struggles, and conversations, to approach them the way Jesus would. It served as a visual trigger for that famous rhetorical question pastors and... Continue Reading →

Calling Men to Meekness

Originally published at The English language is one of, if not the most, complicated languages in the world, but not because there is a word for every emotion or feeling. Our language tends to do an injustice to words derived from other ancient or historic languages. We suffer from this repercussion at various points... Continue Reading →

Freedom in Jail

I wrote a poem from Paul’s perspective inspired from Philippians 1:12–14. I’m not a poet, but I thought I’d share. I miss the glimpses of nightly stars; Morning and evening pass without me. Three walls of stone and a wall of bars; Darkness is all I ever see. I’m still not used to the sounds... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: The Hidden City

Through this series, we have spent the past couple of months thinking about how to socially analyze where we are as a culture, what’s going wrong, and where we can improve, especially in the realm of social media. We have dedicated time to other posts talking about some of the specific places we can re-evaluate... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: Artificial Romance

The birth of romances often begin with a moment called the “meet-cute” (credit The Holiday). It’s that moment when the male and female lead characters meet, sometimes through bizarre circumstances. Darcy refuses to dance with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. Danielle attacks Prince Henry in Ever After. Jack gets treated by Kate after a... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: Social Charades

One of the most essential components of ancient Greek drama were masks made from wood or clay that actors wore while performing. We know these masks as the dueling comedy/tragedy faces that serve as the universal symbol for theater. But these masks are more than just a symbol. They were actually the vehicle through which... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: Cross Words

The anatomy of the human tongue is one of the most fascinating things about our bodies. It is actually not one muscle, but a conglomeration of eight total muscles, working together to create a muscular hydrostat. Like an elephant’s trunk, or the tentacle of an octopus, our tongues don’t need skeletal support of fluid to... Continue Reading →

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