Killing Arianism With a Cross: Why Christ’s Deity Matters

The Persian Sufi adage goes, “This too shall pass.” This phrase is typically used when in the midst of some unfortunate circumstance as a means of hope for change in the near future. “Just give it time,” we tell ourselves. 1700 years removed from the First Council of Nicea, however, evangelicals are still being pestered … Continue reading Killing Arianism With a Cross: Why Christ’s Deity Matters

Simple Testimony

“I am not indeed an advocate for that indifference and lukewarmness to the truths of God, which seem to constitute the candor many plead for in the present day. But while I desire to hold fast the sound doctrines of the Gospel towards the persons of my fellow-creatures, I wish to exercise all moderation and … Continue reading Simple Testimony

Revival, Then and Now

The New Testament reminds us that though Paul may plant and Apollos may water, it is God who gives the increase (1 Cor. 3:6). Perhaps nothing demonstrates this quite like the history of revivals throughout the world…As God sovereignly gave the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, so He sovereignly commands the blessing that attends the gospel … Continue reading Revival, Then and Now