Remembering R.C.

"Sprowl." That's how new I was to R.C. Sproul's ministry. Delivering the first sermon I would ever preach before my peers at college ministry (Isaiah 48:9-11), I ended up pronouncing his last name "Sprowl" the day I gave my message. Should an esteemed seminary professor ever get a hold of that audio file (they won't),… Continue reading Remembering R.C.


The Gospel Story in 300 Words, by Tim Keller

God created the world and created us to serve and enjoy him and the world he had made. But human beings turned away from serving him; they sinned and marred themselves and the creation. Nevertheless, God promised to not abandon them (though it was his perfect right) but to rescue them, despite the guilt and… Continue reading The Gospel Story in 300 Words, by Tim Keller