Top 12 Books of 2017

The best non-fiction Christian books of 2017. Who made the cut?


12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You (Book Review)

Just over ten years before this writing, the iPhone was announced to the world. No one knew at the time what such technology meant. It all seemed a little silly to me. I remember some of the reviews of the original iPhone. “It doesn’t show much promise.” “I don’t understand why tapping on a screen… Continue reading 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You (Book Review)

Top 12 Books from 2016

I am a big reader. Reading is a valuable part of my daily desire to grow in knowledge and grow in grace. You've probably seen a book review here or there on my page or at Servantsofgrace. I have the privilege of reading a lot, and I recently outlined some of my principles for doing so… Continue reading Top 12 Books from 2016

Book Review: Good & Angry (David Powlison)

Which angry person are you? The Domestic Gunslinger? The Volcano? The Iceberg? Maybe you don’t think you’re an angry person at all, like I did before reading this book. Or maybe, you think your anger is always and on every occasion sinful. This book is for you. All of you, in fact, as Chapter 2… Continue reading Book Review: Good & Angry (David Powlison)

Reading With Caution

I found myself in my favorite used bookstore, going through my usual routine. Scanning the shelves, finding my favorite sections, picking through the titles, pulling some out to look at the prices or endorsements, putting most back, keeping a couple. I laid eyes on a Puritan Paperback. One of my favorite book series of all,… Continue reading Reading With Caution

My Mid-Year “Top Books of 2016” List

At the end of the year I will be posting a "Top Books of 2016" list, similar to the one I posted this past year. It is only a narrow reflection on my year in reading, but hopefully gives you some suggestions for books to take a look at (you're welcome for doing the dirty… Continue reading My Mid-Year “Top Books of 2016” List