Is Inviting People to Church Enough?

I remember walking into youth group that Wednesday night around a decade ago. I was so excited about the evening’s upcoming events. As a church, we had been advertising this night heavily, encouraged on multiple occasions to make sure we invite our friends to be a part of what we were doing. There was more... Continue Reading →


Predators Hockey, and The Church

Even the God-less need a house of worship. Tennesseeans will gather for Preds games, and atheists will plan a Sunday morning service, because in our core we all feel the twinge to belong.

Post-Election Repentance

As I watched the electoral votes climb for Donald Trump into the wee hours of November 9th, I sat in amazement over the coverage, with one word on my mind. How? I remember sitting in the kitchen of my in-laws house, waking up that morning to news in mid-June of 2015 that Donald Trump was... Continue Reading →

The Homeless Evangelical

In a recent interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, captured the essence of the 2016 election and the Christian dilemma in less than ten words: "There are a lot of Evangelicals who feel homeless." Don't you? For the first time in my adult life, I feel like... Continue Reading →

When Worship+Doctrine Don’t Seem To Mesh

It is a question I have been asking and thinking through for years. It really started while sitting behind the drum set, doing yet another rehearsal, preparing to play a new song by a band whose worship album was the go-to music pre-service. Not only was their music refreshing and new and stylistically pleasing, but... Continue Reading →

Are You Really A Disciple-Maker?

"Love on people." "Doing life together." "Being Missional." "Life on Life Discipleship." "Being Disciple-Makers." You've probably heard at least one of those phrases used by someone in a Christian gathering this week. Some of the phrases are downright creepy (seriously, can we just cut "love on _______" from our Christianese vocab?) These kinds of phrases are not... Continue Reading →

Attacking Trivial Church: Part Two

Our series continues on the “trivial church” and how we can regain an accurate understanding of its designed function. In the first post, we looked at some common “blanket statements” made about the universal Church. This time we will be focusing on the some of the more localized and personal reasons why people may choose... Continue Reading →

Attacking Trivial Church: Part One

There are two ecclesiological extremes people are going to today in evangelicalism. The first extreme is when people place an unnecessary emphasis on the Church and its role and function in the body of Christ. Many ultra-conservative church leaders urge members to have perfect attendance on Sunday and be dressed appropriately, which means they better... Continue Reading →

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