Beating the Prayer Bluff

“I’ll be praying for you” has become nothing more than a religious platitude.


Predators Hockey, and The Church

Even the God-less need a house of worship. Tennesseeans will gather for Preds games, and atheists will plan a Sunday morning service, because in our core we all feel the twinge to belong.

Embracing Mess

“Please excuse the mess.” We have all heard it. We have all said it. Hannah and I make plans for dinner at 6:00 with a couple we have not spent much time with before. We are both off of work and speed-walking from the garage into the house with thirty minutes left before our guests will... Continue Reading →

Connections & Affections (Part 2)

We are in the midst of a series called Connections & Affections, where we are spending some time examining how technology and relationships have collided, the problems we face in reconciling the two, and how we go make strides forward. Last week's post introduced the problem: that we expect more from technology and less from each... Continue Reading →

Connections & Affections (Part 1)

You will not be shocked when I tell you, because you have already heard, and you know yourself. Yes, this post will reveal a truth that has been widely recognized and accepted for quite some time, with countless blogs and TEDTalks and magazines informing us of the continued same old song and dance when it comes... Continue Reading →

(Pokémon) Go?

Yes, I am sure you have heard by now. Unless, that is, you've been living under a Geodude. But as you probably know, Clefairys and Pidgeys and Eevees recently began to take the world by storm. Combat Power became a nationally-recognized unit of measurement. Churches became Pokéstops, bowling alleys became Pokégyms. Most of all, loitering reached... Continue Reading →

Defining “God Is Love”

Love is not God. But God is love. So what does it mean for God to be love? It does not necessarily mean that God is simply loving. Judaism and Islam and Mormonism teach a God who loves. But when Christians teach that God is himself love, they are saying that real love itself has its origin... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: Social Charades

One of the most essential components of ancient Greek drama were masks made from wood or clay that actors wore while performing. We know these masks as the dueling comedy/tragedy faces that serve as the universal symbol for theater. But these masks are more than just a symbol. They were actually the vehicle through which... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: Cross Words

The anatomy of the human tongue is one of the most fascinating things about our bodies. It is actually not one muscle, but a conglomeration of eight total muscles, working together to create a muscular hydrostat. Like an elephant’s trunk, or the tentacle of an octopus, our tongues don’t need skeletal support of fluid to... Continue Reading →

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