The Pulpit Call

You’ve probably been there. Whether it’s in a big stadium while attending a conference, or a small, rural church while attending a church service, most of you have experienced what many have nicknamed “The Altar Call.” The preacher has just gotten up and spent thirty or forty minutes delivering a sermon, but before he goes,… Continue reading The Pulpit Call


Write Out the Gospel

There is a question that is normally a part of the application process of ministry positions: "Give us a clear and concise definition of the gospel in your own words." It could be, however, that unless you have applied for a position in ministry, you may have never actually done this before. I have been a… Continue reading Write Out the Gospel

My Most-Read Articles From 2016

In 2016 I’ve had the privilege of writing for a lot of places besides my own personal blog. I’ve been grateful to the various sites who have hosted my work, and most importantly, grateful to you dear readers who have encouraged me, supported me, shared me, and engaged with my work throughout the year. It’s been… Continue reading My Most-Read Articles From 2016

Around the Web: 6 Reasons Catechisms Make Truth Stick

Many Christians have a hard time knowing how to make “gospel” and “discipleship” stick in our personal lives and relationships. We’re called to be disciples who make disciples, but how? In our desperate search to answer this profound question, we devote books, studies, podcasts, and resources to uncover how we live this out. In his short… Continue reading Around the Web: 6 Reasons Catechisms Make Truth Stick

Recovering “Oh!” In Gospel Proclamation

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! (Romans 11:33) The word "Oh" is short, but weighty. Have you thought about it? It carries many connotations. "Oh" is sometimes a way of communicating surprise, for example. A waiter informs us they… Continue reading Recovering “Oh!” In Gospel Proclamation

Gospel Community

What if our churches weren’t divided up by the same economic and racial and political and generational categories that would bind us together even if Jesus were not alive? What would it mean, in your church, if a minimum-wage janitor were mentoring the multimillionaire executive of the restaurant where he cleans toilets, because the janitor/mentor… Continue reading Gospel Community

The Gospel Story in 300 Words, by Tim Keller

God created the world and created us to serve and enjoy him and the world he had made. But human beings turned away from serving him; they sinned and marred themselves and the creation. Nevertheless, God promised to not abandon them (though it was his perfect right) but to rescue them, despite the guilt and… Continue reading The Gospel Story in 300 Words, by Tim Keller

He is Risen, Indeed: The Resurrection as Fact

In approaching Easter, we come closer to the day in which many will pile into churches across the land, singing songs about Jesus being alive, and powerful accounts from the Gospels will loudly proclaim the resurrection of Jesus. It is a magnificent story, a fascinating narrative. Unfortunately, however, some view the resurrection as simply a… Continue reading He is Risen, Indeed: The Resurrection as Fact