The Table

I come to The Table broken. Blood on my hands. Many in this room would say that I am a great man of God. But I know a painful reality they do not always see, what my Savior always sees without fail: I have not done great things for God. I have sinned. I have … Continue reading The Table

Learning the Benefits of Affliction With John Newton

240 years ago, John Newton penned a collection of letters to “A Christian Friend.” This friend of Newton was addressed as “My dear Madam,” so we cannot be for sure to who Newton wrote. What we do know for certain is that the most powerful component of John Newton’s ministry was his letter-writing. Thousands of letters … Continue reading Learning the Benefits of Affliction With John Newton

His Help

The longer you live the life of faith, the more aware you have become of your need for grace. More grace. Grace to believe, fight, resist, act, and love. Jesus promises to be your help, but his help comes to those who come to him. It is tempting to look at what lies ahead of … Continue reading His Help

Grace Tried

Oh, what owe I to the file, to the hammer, to the furnace of my Lord Jesus! who hath now let me see how good the wheat of Christ is, that goeth through His mill, and His oven, to be made bread for His own table. Grace tried is better than grace, and it is … Continue reading Grace Tried