The Foes of Joy: Duty

"Is duty a bad thing? No, it's not a bad thing. But it can only take you so far. If you want romance, duty won't reach."


The Foes of Joy: Happiness

What robs joy of its joyfulness? We began to think through this question last week. We started with the affirmation that joy is central to our dogma and practice as Christians. In other words, the Christian life is not very Christian if there is an absence of joy. We should strive to cultivate joy, and that oftentimes… Continue reading The Foes of Joy: Happiness

Book Review: Living in the Light (John Piper)

The past few years of John Piper's ministry have been focused intensely on writing. We have seen multiple books coming out bearing Piper's name, and that's a good thing. As someone who owns about a dozen of Piper's books, I must say that if you've read one of them, you have a good idea about… Continue reading Book Review: Living in the Light (John Piper)

The Joy of Glorifying God — A Tribute to John Piper

January 4, 2010. It was a cold day in Atlanta, Georgia, and I had just finished grabbing a bite to eat for dinner and heading toward the Phillips Arena for the evening session of the Passion Conference. I was nineteen at the time, a college freshman who came into town for winter break and to… Continue reading The Joy of Glorifying God — A Tribute to John Piper