Beating the Prayer Bluff

“I’ll be praying for you” has become nothing more than a religious platitude.


Theology For the Least of These

Theology is meant to care for souls, in ordinary moments, on bad days, even to those who don't own a bookshelf.

Lament, Racial Reconciliation, and Hope

This has been a hard week for me. I preached Sunday on the need for racial reconciliation in our churches and communities. I long for better friendships and relationships with those not like me. I'm saddened at the prejudice that resides in my own heart, and I want to be different. This week, two major... Continue Reading →

Defining “God Is Love”

Love is not God. But God is love. So what does it mean for God to be love? It does not necessarily mean that God is simply loving. Judaism and Islam and Mormonism teach a God who loves. But when Christians teach that God is himself love, they are saying that real love itself has its origin... Continue Reading →

Socially Unacceptable: Artificial Romance

The birth of romances often begin with a moment called the “meet-cute” (credit The Holiday). It’s that moment when the male and female lead characters meet, sometimes through bizarre circumstances. Darcy refuses to dance with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. Danielle attacks Prince Henry in Ever After. Jack gets treated by Kate after a... Continue Reading →

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