What The Church Can Learn From the “Fake News” Phenomenon

2016 could be categorized by an increased sensitivity to the reality of "fake news" in our society. It's definitely not a new phenomenon, but perhaps a louder, and more rapid-growing one. Years ago, sites such as Snopes were created and dedicated to helping people discern true from false stories, especially Internet-circulated material. We just thought... Continue Reading →


The Sovereignty of God in History

I believe that God can and will bring good out of evil, even out of the greatest evil. For that purpose he needs men who make the best use of everything. I believe that God will give us all the strength we need to help us to resist in all time of distress. But he... Continue Reading →

Post-Election Repentance

As I watched the electoral votes climb for Donald Trump into the wee hours of November 9th, I sat in amazement over the coverage, with one word on my mind. How? I remember sitting in the kitchen of my in-laws house, waking up that morning to news in mid-June of 2015 that Donald Trump was... Continue Reading →

The Homeless Evangelical

In a recent interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, captured the essence of the 2016 election and the Christian dilemma in less than ten words: "There are a lot of Evangelicals who feel homeless." Don't you? For the first time in my adult life, I feel like... Continue Reading →

Gospel Community

What if our churches weren’t divided up by the same economic and racial and political and generational categories that would bind us together even if Jesus were not alive? What would it mean, in your church, if a minimum-wage janitor were mentoring the multimillionaire executive of the restaurant where he cleans toilets, because the janitor/mentor... Continue Reading →

Weathering the Storm

As I sit at my desk and write this, looking out at the cold rain outside, I am reminded of the unraveling (in every sense of the word) election year. I make the correlation because they are similar in nature, evoking the same feelings. “It looks awfully dreary out there.” The election year is, in... Continue Reading →


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