Embracing Mess

“Please excuse the mess.” We have all heard it. We have all said it. Hannah and I make plans for dinner at 6:00 with a couple we have not spent much time with before. We are both off of work and speed-walking from the garage into the house with thirty minutes left before our guests will… Continue reading Embracing Mess


Connections & Affections (Part 4)

Today we wrap up the Connections & Affections series. If you've missed the first three parts, you can click to read below: Part 1: The Problem Part 2: The Principles Part 3: The Challenge Last week, I issued myself (and you, if you went for it) a challenge to take the first two posts and begin… Continue reading Connections & Affections (Part 4)

Connections & Affections (Part 3)

This week we continue our study of technology, relationships, and how the two should relate to each other. In the first post, I presented the problem: that technology is becoming a substitute for relationships, an office it was never meant to hold. In the second post, we looked at six core biblical principles that greatly… Continue reading Connections & Affections (Part 3)

Connections & Affections (Part 2)

We are in the midst of a series called Connections & Affections, where we are spending some time examining how technology and relationships have collided, the problems we face in reconciling the two, and how we go make strides forward. Last week's post introduced the problem: that we expect more from technology and less from each… Continue reading Connections & Affections (Part 2)