Transformational Transfer: On Bible Meditation

It's mid-January at the writing of this post. Many of you are holding on with some sense of a grip to your 2017 Bible reading plan. Bible reading plans have become their own entity of sorts. In fact, searching the amazingly generic term "reading plan" in Google leads users to thousands of pages on different Bible reading plans. In... Continue Reading →


A Case For Childless “Family Worship”

My wife and I spent the evening at some friends' house recently. It's one of those friendships where the husbands are very alike, and the wives are very alike, so it's easy spending time with them. I cherish their friendship. They have three children, all girls, who are such a joy to be around. On this... Continue Reading →

Help in Unbelief

You may not readily admit it, but you've been there with me. The ever-irksome foe named Doubt darkens your door of faith, casting a shadow over everything you have believed for much of your life. Paralyzed by the fear of what this might do to your relationship with God, and to top it off, your reputation with those... Continue Reading →

True Passion for God’s Word

  We should all have the passion for reading God's Word of the man in this story. Evangelist Robert L. Sumner, in his book The Wonder of the Word of God, tells of a man in Kansas City who was severely injured in an explosion. His face was badly disfigured, and he lose his eyesight as... Continue Reading →

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